Corporate law

Key Legal Consultants have many years of experience in supporting companies from various business areas, large and small enterprises, both of Russian and foreign origin.

Corporate law

Corporate law

The key to running a successful business is in competently prepared documents of the company both at the stage of creation / acquisition of the company and throughout the life of the company. When we say a successful business we mean a structured, coherent model of a company managing, working system of decisions making and monitoring. Key Legal Consultants have many years of experience in supporting companies from various business areas, large and small enterprises, both of Russian and foreign origin.


    Our services at the stage of a company establishing:
    • Assistance in choosing of the organizational and legal form of the company being created, the way and form of payment of the company's authorized capital (funding);
    • Development of a model of relationship of the founders / shareholders of the company being established, in particular: shareholders agreement, termsheets, memorandum of understanding;
    • Business structuring (consulting and assistance in creating your business model depending on the needs and growth prospects);
    • Preparation of all necessary documents for company registration;
    • Migration and visa support;
    • Maintenance of the Client at the notary, representation of interests at the registration authorities;
    • Assistance in signing of a long-term lease contracts (including the analysis of the contract for risks, representation of interests in Rosreestr, negotiations with the landlord, etc.);
    • Maintenance of opening a Bank account;
    • Preparation of documents for the issue of shares, support of the procedure for shares issue;
    • Obtaining of preliminary permits / licenses from the competent authorities (if necessary);
    • Registration at non-state funds.
    Corporate legal support of the operating company:
    • Preparation of all necessary documents and advice when changing the size of the authorized capital, issue / additional issue / redemption of shares;
    • Maintenance of changes in the composition of participants / shareholders (deals with shares), changes in the place of registration, company charter, other changes;
    • Corporate secretary services (convocation and preparation of participants / shareholders meetings, meeting of the the board of directors members, verification and / or preparation of Minutes, materials for meetings, ballots for voting);
    • Accompanying of reorganization procedures (merger, acquisition, separation, transformation) and assistance in business structuring (advising on the selection of the most suitable business model, supporting the procedure), and advising and supporting the procedure for changing corporate governance;
    • Legal Due Diligence and support at M&A ;
    • Written and oral advice on various issues in the field of corporate legislation.
    Termination and liquidation of the company:
    • Legal support of the voluntary liquidation procedure (from the decision-making stage to the liquidation certificate receipt);
    • Written and oral consultations on liquidation issues (including, if your counterparties are at the stage of liquidation);
    • Advising on alternative ways to terminate the company;
    • Representation of interests in court during liquidation;
    • Carrying out of functions of the liquidator.

Why Key Legal


We offer flexible rates, a system of discounts and bonuses, both for our regular and new clients

20 years of presence on the legal consulting market
1,500 billion rubles - the sum of lawsuits won in the interests of our clients
More than 500 clients since opening the company
More than 30 countries – geography of our clients

We correspond and give opinions in English and this is included in our fee.


During our practice we have formed a system of legal cases and decisions, which allows us to quickly and efficiently help you with the most varied requests of any complexity.


We take into account the individual features of your business, it is important for us that our clients are satisfied with our services

Our principles

Our principles are based on the values that we adhere to both in relation to our customers and in communication with each other.
Наши принципы

Professional approach

Our Company is already 18 years on the legal services market. Our Partners have been advising for 10 years and more. We constantly improve level of knowledge and competence of each member of our team.

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We value our reputation and are in charge of the quality of our services. Our company values your time and appreciates your comfort, therefore we strictly observes the deadlines

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24/7 support

For you, we try to always be in touch and use Skype, What’s up, Viber, WeChat, Telegram, etc

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Frankness and fairness

We frankly tell our clients about existence of any risks, their consequences and offer solutions. We fairly name the full price of our services, report on expenses and make our services as transparent as possible for the client.

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To be a great contribution to your business

Our approach is to achieve the goal, we do not work “for the sake of the process”, since it is important for us that our clients successfully develop, trust us and achieve their goals using legal methods.

Companies we have already helped

Among our regular clients there are Russian small and medium companies, Russian and foreign legal entities. The geography of our clients extends far beyond the borders of the Russian Federation. We successfully work with foreign companies, we have regular clients from Asia (China, Vietnam, Thailand) and Central Europe (Great Britain, Latvia, Finland, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic and others).

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