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Among our clients there are Russian small and medium business. The geography of our clients stretches far away from the Russian Federation. We successfully work with foreign companies, we have clients from Asia, Central Europe and others.

Contract law

Examination, completion and translation into English of contracts for the supply of food products to retail chains

Key Legal Lawyers carried out a comprehensive project to bring to the Russian market a foreign Client - a dairy producer. Within the framework of the project Key Legal team analyzed supply contracts offered by the retail chains, gave comments and recommendations and accompanied negotiations with the legal departments of the largest retail networks represented in Russia on behalf of our Client, a foreign dairy producer. All contracts were translated by our specialists into English for the coordination of the texts with the lawyers in the head office of the Client.

The result of the project was the rapid and legally secure (we kept the important points for the client during negotiations) entry into the Russian market of our client, the client is able to further expand the geography of its sales in Russia due to the full support of this project by Key Legal lawyer.

Insurance law

Verification and preparation of answers to requests of supervisory authorities for insurers

A Key Legal client - an insurer (life insurance) asked for help in checking and finalizing the answers to inquiries received from the Bank of Russia from the clients of the Insurer - individuals.

As a result, Key Legal lawyers on a daily basis in close cooperation with the Client's lawyers carried out examination of the requests of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and preparation of responses for the regulator and clients of the Insurer - individuals, verification of applicable Insurance Rules, tariffs, grounds for termination of insurance contracts and grounds for making insurance payments.

Maintenance of the procedure for authorized capital increase for the Insurer

Key Legal clients - Insurance companies have repeatedly asked us to accompany the procedure for increasing their share capital. Within the requirements of the current insurance legislation, the minimum authorized capital for insurers was approved and changed several times.

The peculiarity of this procedure for subsidiaries of foreign financial groups is that before obtaining registration of the authorized capital increase it is necessary to obtain the preliminary consent of the supervisory authority - this is a separate procedure with the submission of a set of documents and justifications. After approval and registration of the increase in the authorized capital, it is also necessary to notify the regulator of the changes that have taken place.

Key Legal team has repeatedly and successfully accompanied such a procedure at different stages of development of clients, adhering to the provisions of the insurance legislation that was in force at the time of the procedure.

Corporate law

Legal support of the M&A transaction (a Financial Group acquired an Insurance Company)

Key Legal Lawyers were approached by a client - a financial group, for legal expertise and support of a transaction for the acquisition of an insurance company with valid licenses and more than 10 years of history.

The tasks of Key Legal lawyers included a comprehensive legal due diligence of the acquired Insurance Company (legal Due Diligence), as well as support of the purchase and sale transaction.

Based on the detailed examination of documents and activities of the acquired Insurance Company, Key Legal Lawyers issued a detailed legal opinion describing legal, tax, regulatory and other risks for the Client. Due to the professional work of Key Legal team, the Client was able to take the decision on the approval of the transaction as scheduled and to have an opportunity to discuss (reduce) the cost of the deal and the clauses with the seller, appealing the results of the expertise carried out by our experts.

Representation in courts and state authorities

Key Legal Lawyers successfully defended interests of the client in the administrative case of violation of the requirements of currency control

The currency control body revealed multiple violations of the requirements of currency legislation, admitted by the Key Legal client during the year and sent an order to stop the violations of the law and the decision to initiate an administrative case. The client was under the risk to be fined for more than 700 000 rubles

As a result of the participation of Key Legal lawyers in the administrative process and protection of the client's position in the administrative case, our Lawyers managed to reduce the fine to a legal entity to the minimum amount and withdraw the requirement to pay a fine against the head of the company.

Daily legal support and consulting

Legal due diligence of a foreign company for internal approval by the Bank of a commercial loan

Key Legal Lawyers conducted an examination and made a legal opinion on the legal capacity of a foreign legal entity - a Japanese company for a client - the Russian Bank.

The bank applied to Key Legal for an independent legal assessment of the legal capacity of the foreign guarantor for the loan requested by the Russian company. Our team conducted an analysis of the law applicable to the case, examined the set of documents and also examined information received from open sources and prepared a legal opinion describing the risks and ways to minimize / eliminate them.

Due to prompt and professionally conducted work, the client was able to obtain a written conclusion and to make a safe and balanced decision on issuing a commercial loan.

International Arbitration and Mediation

Key Legal Lawyers successfully defended interests of the client in the ICAC and seized $ 7.8 million

Key Legal Client needed legal support in drafting the statement of claim and representing its interests in the International Commercial Arbitration at the CCI of Russia in a case against the Russian insurer, which was delayed with the payment of insurance compensation for the insured event that has occurred.

As part of the case, Key Legal Lawyers issued and filed a suit with the ICAC and also presented the client's interests in several court hearings and successfully defended the position of the Client. The result was the unanimous decision of the panel of judges of the ICAC and the award of the full amount of the Claim to the Client in the amount of $ 7.8 million.


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